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International scientific-theoretical conference Philosophical experience of children's literature: Moomins and the others (Tove Jansson's 100th anniversary)

The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg
Philosophical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University
Center for Research on Children's Literature of The Academic Institute of Russian Literature (IRLI)  (Pushkinsky Dom)

The Academic Institute of Literature named TG Shevchenko NAS

9-11 October 2014

International scientific-theoretical conference
Philosophical experience of children's literature: Moomins and the others
(Tove Jansson's 100th anniversary)
In terms of total infantilism as psychological characteristics of modern European society formed over the past 50-100 years, because of political, economic and social conditions, the most important is the description of the factors influencing the formation of the image of childhood (Infanta), defining its cultural and ethical content. Among these factors is the particular interest in the phenomenon of children's literature, which remains outside the actual spatial and temporal boundaries. Conference is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of T.Jansson, the writer who created adult books for children with profound philosophical content.

Division between the adult world and the world of children existing in the culture is very conditional, but at the same time, belonging to the one or the other determines the psychological, moral, and social characteristics of the subject, his ethos . Blurring the boundaries between the adult world and the world of children allows an adult to find pleasure in the world of children, and children play in the world of adults, thus blurring the boundaries and the fixed social roles. Some works of literature, now understood as children’s stories, were created for adults (Gulliver's Travel  Robinson Crusoe, etc.), and others - were created  for children , but are very "adult" . This "borderline" group of works has the least clear target audience in terms of age. Authors of these works show a respectful attitude toward the reader and viewer, due to the lack of double standards ("adult", "child"), and therefore they don’t flirt with the reader or the viewer. T.Jansson is one of such authors. The purpose of this conference is to describe the phenomenon of "children's literature" in terms of its maturity (philosophy, culture, morality).

Regulation of the conference:
Time of the lectures - up to 30 minutes
Commenting of the lectures - up to 10 minutes
The performances of participants not included in the number of speakers - up to 10 minutes
Organizing Committee :
Elena Ovchinnikova (St Pb State University), Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor. (Committee Chairman ); Evgeny  Makovetskii (St Pb State University), Doctor of Philosophy, Assoc.; Alexey Malinov (St Pb State University), Doctor of Philosophy, Prof.; Evgenya Voloshchuk (Institute of Literature of the Ukrainian NAS), Doctor of Philology, Prof.; Boris Begun (Institute of Literature of the Ukrainian NAS), Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor; Sergey Troitskiy (St Pb State University), Ph.D. in Philosophy; Vladimir Golovin ( Pushkinskiy  Dom), Doctor of Philology, Prof.; Elena Perova (Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg)

The conference will have two main sections :
Main section                                                             
Section for students and young scientists

Also the following activities take place in the conference:
Launch of the biography of Tove Jansson, Russian edition
BBC broadcast film about Tove Jansson
Exhibition of  Tove Jansson’s books
Exhibition of Tove Jansson’s book illustrations
Exhibition of the Russian editions of Scandinavian children's literature
Exhibition “Modern philosophy in Finland”
Moomin exhibition
Cartoon film about Moomins
Master-class: literary translation
Master class: "Statement of Mumm - Opera" (experience posing in Kirov)
Round-table discussion: “Modern Fairy Tale (modern children's literature): is a modern fairy tale possible?” (experiences of Russian, Finnish, and Swedish writers)

To take part in the conference, please send the following documents to the Organizing Committee:
- Application (name, affiliation, position, e-mail address, contact phone number)
- Subject of the report (indicating the section);
- Abstract (up to 1000 characters) by June 1, 2014;
- Text of the report up to one author's sheet (up to 40,000 characters) in English by September 1, 2014.

The Organizing Committee will publish the submitted materials. The organizing committee reserves the right to pre-select and edit submitted materials. Materials are not reviewed and returned. Texts and abstracts should be in .doc format and sent by e-mail: 3015958@gmail.com. Please, indicate the section of the conference in the topic of the letter.



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